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We found 51 hearing aid centres located in or near 40 cities in Alberta, including 3 mobile clinics. Please use the quick links to search for clinics in your province.

Resources in Alberta

Hearing aid coverage in Alberta

Alberta extends its hearing aid benefits to all Albertans, under certain condition, via Alberta Health.

Alberta Aids for Daily Living

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Alberta Aids for Daily Living (AADL) provides financial assistance to all ages for hearings aids, among other benefits. They offer funding for the purchase, replacement, and repair of your hearing aids.

AADL is largely a cost-sharing benefit, covering up to 75% of your hearing aid costs up to $1,200. You would pay the remaining 25% up to a $500 maximum. 

If you are low income or if you receive income assistance, the cost of your hearing aids is fully covered. 

If you are under 65, you are eligible for two hearing aids every five years. Those 65 and older get the same benefit or one personal listening device every five years.

But if you are 65 and older with high income, you are eligible for only one hearing aid every five years or one personal listening device every five years. 

Good news for those 65 and up: You can extend this benefit to your spouse or adult dependent, regardless of your income!

You are eligible for AADL if you have a documented hearing loss and are:

  • Under the age of 18 or 65 years old and up
  • 18 to 24 years old and pursuing full-time post-secondary studies or
  • 18 to 64 and low income

Albertans receiving comparable benefits from other sources, such as Veterans Affairs, Workers’ Compensation Board or private insurance are not eligible for AADL.

Additional hearing care resources in Alberta

  • Workers’ Compensation Board - Alberta: assists Alberta workers with occupational health and safety information for hearing health at work, including wage-loss benefits, medical coverage and support for work-related injury or illness.

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Mobile hearing clinics

mobile clinic iconMobile hearing clinics offer a wide variety of hearing healthcare services by audiologists and hearing aid specialists. These clinicians travel to your home or to a convenient site in your area, such as a senior centre.

320 23rd Avenue SW Suite 202 Calgary, AB T2S 0J2
320 23rd Avenue SW Suite 202 Calgary, AB T2S 0J2
(403) 910-3815
350-906 16th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 1C1
350-906 16th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 1C1
(587) 952-0599
3715 51st Street SW Suite 226 Calgary, AB T3E 6V2
3715 51st Street SW Suite 226 Calgary, AB T3E 6V2
(587) 774-2752

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