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Hearing Directory is a hearing-focused consumer website and Canadian clinic directory. Our mission is to improve your quality of life by providing education on hearing health and hearing loss treatment options.

Our directory of consumer-reviewed clinics across Canada connects people seeking hearing help with qualified, local hearing care professionals.

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When you or a loved one needs hearing healthcare, find a clinic near you to get the help you need. Our team vets every review that’s submitted to our site, so you can read honest opinions from other patients.

Visit our help pages for basic information on hearing health, hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus and assistive listening devices.

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Be part of the conversation on social media and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. See our contact page if you need one-on-one assistance. 

In the U.S.? Visit our sister site Healthy Hearing to find a provider near you.

Are you a hearing care provider? See our For Clinics page. 

About the Hearing Directory team

Hearing Directory has a dedicated team which produces, reviews and edits original content for our site.


Shantelle Shakes, Coordinator, Hearing Directory

Shantelle ShakesShantelle Shakes is the coordinator for Hearing Directory. She has over seven years of experience in the health industry, with six of those years in hearing healthcare. After graduating from York University with an honours BA in Professional Writing, Minor in Creative Writing, Shantelle began her marketing career with a major hearing healthcare provider. Through a variety of roles within that company, Shantelle gained a thorough understanding of hearing health and the client experience. She aims to use her knowledge of the industry as well as her communications background to help others understand their hearing and connect with the hearing care they need.

Joy Victory, Managing Editor, Hearing Directory and Healthy Hearing

Joy VictoryJoy Victory is the managing editor for Hearing Directory and its U.S. sister site, Healthy Hearing. She's responsible for editing, producing and updating the consumer-facing content on both sites. Joy earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from New Mexico State University. A lifelong lover of science writing, she has worked for several major healthcare sites as a medical journalist, content manager and consultant. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, VICE News, ABCNEWS.com, The Center for Health Journalism and other publications. She enjoys helping people take charge of their health through engaging and accurate articles and infographics that are informed by evidence-based guidelines. 

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