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We found 20 hearing aid centres located in or near 18 cities in Nova Scotia. Please use the quick links to search for clinics in your province.

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Hearing aid coverage in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia uniquely has an Affordable Hearing Aids for Seniors Act to provide hearing aid financial assistance to its residents who are 65 and older and low-income (less than $21,000 household income or less than $18,000 if you are single.) 

If you meet these requirements and have a permanent hearing loss, 75% of your hearing aid costs will be covered up to a maximum of $500 per hearing aid. This assistance is provided every five years if you are insured.

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You could also apply to the Dalhousie Hearing Aid Assistance Program (DHAAP) which provides donated hearing aids to Nova Scotian seniors who cannot afford them and have no other means of financial assistance.

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