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If you are looking for a clinic in Quebec, please visit the Répertoire des ressources en santé et services sociaux.

Hearing aid coverage in Quebec

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Are you insured under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan? You may be eligible for the Hearing Devices Program.

The program may cover the purchase, repair, and replacement of one digital hearing aid and one assistive listening device. Your benefit could extend to a second hearing aid if:

  • You are 18 years old or under
  • You have a visual impairment
  • You are 19 or older and the second hearing aid, as recommended by an audiologist, provides an essential improvement to your studies or work

To be eligible for the Hearing Devices Program you must either:

  • Be 11 years older or under and have a hearing impairment that could compromise your speech and language development
  • Be age 12 to 18 and have an average hearing loss of 25 decibels or greater in one ear for the required frequencies
  • Be a student aged 19 or older with a hearing loss of at least 25 decibels for the required frequencies 
  • Be age 19 or over with an average hearing loss of at least 35 decibels in your better ear for the required frequencies
  • Have a hearing loss in addition to other impairments or functional limitations, regardless of age 

Before receiving your hearing aid, you must provide an attestation from an audiologist plus an audiogram if you are over the age of 11.

Present these documents to a Québec audioprosthetist.

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